What Is ABI?

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is damage to the brain caused by a traumatic or non-traumatic event that occurs after birth. Brain injury is not a congenital disorder (such as, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) or degenerative disease (such as, Alzheimer’s).

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is damage to the brain from a traumatic event such as a motor vehicle accident, a fall, sports-related injury or blow to the head.

A non-traumatic brain injury is damage to the brain caused by stroke, brain tumour, illness, infection or oxygen deprivation.

A concussion is an brain injury which can be caused by a sudden acceleration of the head and neck resulting from a blow or contact to the body. For additional concussion information, click here.

Brain injury can vary from mild to very severe. It is important to know that even a seemingly minor injury can result in life altering changes. ABI can cause a wide range of functional changes which can affect thinking, sensation, language, and/or emotions. While some symptoms may subside over time, others may not. Survival rates have increased with advance trauma services and treatment options. For community brain injury resources, visit our Community page.

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